In principle, the diet is a dietary pattern into the body. Not only to get the ideal body weight, diet is also done to shore up the healing process of the disease, even for beauty care. Facial skin is a reflection of your nutritional intake. Right food choices can make you look more beautiful. Interested to do this? Known, there are certain types of diet that can be applied to facial skin look more shiny and fresh.

1.Diet for smooth skin Eat fruits and vegetables, orange, red or dark green, such as pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and spinach - every day. This colored food, known contain beta carotene, an antioxidant that can counteract free radicals cause cell activity wrinkled skin. Beta carotene is also able to 'wake up' DNA that served to produce new skin cells and stimulate the release of dead skin cells. Both processes running this line will make the skin appear more smooth and fresh

2.Diet to prevent skin damage For healthy skin, nutrition experts recommend eating dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, and green tea. Sunflower seeds are known to contain vitamin E, which not only overcome the potent free radical reactions, but also serve to protect the skin from external destructive molecules, originating from air pollution. Dark chocolate and green tea contain polyphenols, natural compounds capable of controlling substances trigger inflammation. In addition, polyphenols also mel ancarkan blood flow in the skin. According to the calculations of experts on nutrition, 1.5-ounce bar of dark chocolate contains 800 mg of antioxidants. This amount is almost equal levels of antioxidants contained in a cup of black tea. However, consuming the ideal amount of antioxidants for healthy skin is 10 grams per day. Meanwhile, if you want to consume green tea, it is suggested that at least drink a cup every day. Include all the sunflower seeds as part of your daily snacks.

3.Diet to tighten & brighten skin Strawberries, various citrus, peppers (especially red peppers) and broccoli, is a type of fruit and vegetables that contain vitamin C is very high. In the body, vitamin C could activate fibroblasts, collagen- making cells. The better the quality of collagen in the body, the skin more taut and bright. The number of fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C can be consumed as much as you want every day.