Losing weight suddenly turned out to still be if done the right way. Their opinions are supported by Michael Dansinger, MD, physician for a TV program called The Biggest Loser. "In theory, a person can lose weight up to 9 pounds in a week to be followed by a diet plan and regular physical exercise under the supervision of experts," explains Michael.

How to Eliminate Weight Fast Weight reduction is a fairly simple mathematical formula. You have to burn the calories you eat. Recommended a reduction of up to 500 calories per day through a combination of eating fewer calories with increased physical activity. After doing the exercises for a week, this step will eliminate fat as much as 0.5 - 1 kg. If you want more quickly to cut weight, eat less and exercise more. Or you can eat 1050 to 1,200 calories and physical exercise for an hour every day. With a plan like this, you can remove between 1.5 to 2 kg in the first week or more if you have weight to 100 kg. If you want more reduction, limit salt intake.

Recommended Sports Cardio workout (Cardio Vasculer) for seven hours per week proved to be effective for reducing weight. Cardio is a physical exercise that increases heart rate that are impacted hard (hard impact), such as running, martial arts, jump. Cardio can burn the most calories, so this step is ideal for losing weight. To burn fat, try to take a break after warming up and continue to sweat during physical exercise.