Many people are frustrated because it always failed after trying various methods of dieting. Been tortured should not eat, but the weight still does not go down. Even if successful down, the longest lasted only a month ago back body fat. This is one reason that motivated Dr. Josh (a doctor of Indian descent who practice in the Hale Clinic, London) to design a holistic detoxification (HD). He does not want people intentionally starve themselves or unable to enjoy life after slimming. This method is rich in philosophy and practice of healing as rooted in the tradition of healthy eating from India, Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Western diet. Dr. Josh found the right formula to keep people stuck on a yo-yo effect during the diet. Some of the celebrity world that has become Josh's current patients, among others: the late Lady Di, Kate Moss, Cate Blanchett and Gwyneth Paltrow - who can quickly re-slim after giving birth.

Total Detox It says 'holistic detox' because the word 'holistic' means include individual as a whole; body, mind and soul. While detox is done to improve the lifestyle, diet, emotional needs, home and work environments, and the level of activity and stress. The purpose of this method is to change unhealthy eating patterns with reprogram the body to make it more powerful. Through detox, not only the body remove toxins, but also "poison" mental and emotional. We are invited to view the body as a bank account. If we 'excessive spending' (shopping spree) - the body's source of excessive wear without return - then eventually your savings account will continue to decrease and finally minus.

Only 21 days Holistic Detox 21 day program is made for a healthier life without the hassle of counting calories. The principle is to avoid acidic foods (acidic), toxic, processed (refined), such as: wheat, potatoes, red meat, alcohol, and dairy products. Not just change the pH balance of the body from acid to alkaline, HD is also focusing on eating fresh ingredients, return energy and weight loss. Most Western-style diet is too big lead in acidic foods that contain chemicals that can cause inflammation in the joints, dermatitis, muscle tension and spasm. Therefore the first step in this program is to balance the acid levels in the body by avoiding some foods. Sense of taste (palate), we will automatically re- programmed so that did not like the taste of food that is not good (such as salty foods, candy or chocolate) which make us 'hooked'. In addition to slim post-delivery, detox program is very beneficial for your active and busy with work and household affairs.