As adults we do have a duty to teach the children a good education.
But, do not close the possibility for us to reap a positive lesson
from children. Like the diet of children.Here are some things that
could be imitated by the way kids eat.

Eat when hungry Naturally, the baby can feel the hunger and regulate
how much food needed for the body. They generally communicate by
crying. Unlike adults who often difficult to control eating. The
reason for eating is no longer limited to hunger, but affected other
things like stress, there was free food, or food ad tempted. Learn to
eat only when hunger comes like a baby with a reasonable dose.

Stop when full Babies and toddlers will refuse to eat if it had been
filled. But adults often can not control myself when eating. With a
variety of reasons, they could easily gobble food even though the
stomach is full. The ability to control themselves to food would be
beneficial for those who were undergoing a diet program. So eat when
hungry and stop when full. Learn to resist the desire to eat when
stomach is full.

Snacks are good Naturally the kids like a snack when hungry between
meals big. This diet maintain their metabolism throughout the day.
Adults who want to keep your metabolic rate needs to try it.

Playing with food Most kids like to examine, smell, and touch their
food. Eating is a total sensory experience, and they enjoy each
process. Such an approach will help your child enjoy the meal

Voter Children will not be easy to eat something they did not like. As
with children, the food is not tasty food will make us lazy. Diligent
search for a healthy food menu and varied to induce appetite. Learning
to like new foods Children learn to like foods that they think they do
not like the game 'once-bite'. If you do not like, do not have to eat
it and should try another time.