Pregnancy is one of the most joyous and challenging events in the life of a woman. Many things have to be prepared starting from avoiding all forms of harmful addictive as cigarettes, drinks, and much more. The surroundings and the food you / create will affect the baby's growth. Because this is when the baby started to grow and develop. Not surprisingly, nutritional and extra energy is needed to support the metabolic demands of the fetus is also the mother yourself. What is clear, very important for pregnant women to make a balanced and healthy diet, which consists of all groups of foods such as milk, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, fats and carbohydrates. Thus, you will be able to get a sufficient amount of energy. Use the food pyramid as a guide to choosing healthy foods and remember to continue to eat a varied.

At the bottom of the pyramid healthy food is food that must be frequently consumed by low-fat, high fiber and filling. Several choices of carbohydrate foods are rice, wheat cereals, fiber bread, basmati rice, brown rice, noodles and pasta. In the middle of the pyramid are the foods should be eaten in moderation because many servings of protein, various kinds of vitamins and minerals. Several options are meat, fish, chicken, seafood, eggs, tofu, beans, peanuts, peas and low- fat dairy products. Do not forget to add fruit and vegetables every day. While the food should be eaten very little is situated at the very top of the pyramid. Because these foods contain lots of sugar, fat, salt and alcohol. Despite the good fats are important, but the fat should be consumed very little because our bodies have been received from dietary fat intake on a typical day. It is better to avoid adding unnecessary weight during pregnancy!