cycling for buttocks Want to have a sexy buttock like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian? bicycle regularly. Sports that are into this trend, can make your butt look more toned and sexy. According to Leena Mogra, the actress Bolllywood fitness trainer, weight proportional, fitness exercise and cycling is the most appropriate combination to get a perfect posture, including the buttocks are tight and contain. "To make the body more fit form and is always very important to pay attention to nutritional intake. Then on a regular basis, doing weight training, squats and cardio exercises," said Leena, as quoted by the Times of India. Cycling is a type of cardio exercise is very good for heart health. The advantages of this exercise for women is to make the posture legs and buttocks become more established. "A lot of the gains women with cycling. Not only can tighten the buttocks, biking for an hour can burn 35 calories. It is very good for weight control in order to remain stable," said Leena. To be more fun cycling activities, you can do together with friends on weekends. It would be better if you cycling outdoors, although using the bicycle equipment at the gym can be an alternative. To form the butt more leverage, Leena also suggested that women doing weight training that focuses on lower body.cycling for buttocks