Fear of your weight go up if you stop smoking? Many people make this fear as one of the biggest reasons for not quitting.

How To Quit Smoking Without Weight Balanced With Rising "Some people will experience weight gain when quitting smoking, and some will not," said Scott McIntosh, PhD, Associate Professor University of Rochester in New York and Director of the Greater Rochester Area Tobacco Cessation Center. McIntosh estimates of weight gain on a third of people who quit smoking. On average, their weight increased about 2 - 3.5 kg. "But that is just what will the people see, not the other effects. By quitting smoking, you can extend the life time and would be much healthier. Rising little weight is nothing compared to the health of your body. Here are 7 ways to minimize weight gain when you want to get rid of bad habits (smoking) is.

1. Avoid Excess Diet "Quitting smoking is hard enough without having added to the stress when doing extreme dieting," said Steven Schroeder, MD, Director of the Smoking Cesation Leadership Center at the University of California. Do not change your diet radically. You have to practice and make some arrangements. Most of the recommended rule have been recognized by people trying to lose weight or trying to defend it. Serious people will increase if they eat more calories than it spends.
2. Provide low-calorie snacks One of the things that makes people addicted to smoking is a habit of putting something in your mouth. You can change this behavior by putting something sweet, light snack or calorie low-fat/low candy in your mouth. Guaranteed slowly you will forget the bad habit of smoking cigarettes.
3. much to drink Drinking water before or after meals will prevent dehydration and make you feel that your stomach is full. Drinking water also will satisfy your needs when I want to put something in the mouth. Recent studies have shown that drinking a little cold water through a straw will stimulate the release of dopamine alias relief hormone in the brain that might fight stress.
4. Choose foods high in fiber Research has shown that fiber (fiber) will help reduce your appetite and make people feel full longer. Soluble fiber which over time will fall apart when entered into the large intestine, thus helping to prevent the entry of high cholesterol. Examples of high fiber foods, among others, beans and vegetables.
5. Watch your nutrition It's important for you to ensure the intake of nutrients. Because some researchers believe that nutritional deficiencies will make people eat to excess. When you quit smoking, choose foods that contain nutrients such as vegetables, nuts and seeds. Avoid high-calorie foods and foods containing sugar.
6. Change the size of your plates and glasses The bigger the plate, the greater also our desire to fulfill it. At least some research has proved this. And we often overeat without thinking of the impact. Research suggests that people who use glass plates and the smaller will consume less food and calories.
7. Sports, Sports, Sports Physical activity will burn calories in addition also will eliminate the desire to smoke cigarettes or eat. Moving the body with a routine is also able to cope with excessive stress when you quit smoking.