Swimming is one of the best exercise to burn calories. Round relaxing
in the pool alone can burn 476 calories per hour. However, do not be
satisfied with the outcome. Because, the head of the national team
pool United States (U.S.) Mark Schubert gives five tips to optimize
water sports as quoted page Health.com.

1. Keep your heart rate at about 80 percent maximum rate when you
exercise This target can be identified by a count of 220 minus your
age then multiply by 0.8. For example if you are aged 25 years, the
maximum target workout rate is 220-25 x 0.8 = 156 beats per minute. To
keep your heart rate, stopping every ten or 15 rounds and check your
pulse for six seconds. In this way, women with weight 74 pounds can
burn 680 calories per hour.
2. Play Use while swimming toys such as board, hand pedal, or buoy
which is placed between two fit your feet. Most of the swimming pool
provides a tool, or you can purchase the equipment at sporting goods
stores. Besides burning calories, exercise can also form the arm and
leg muscles.
3. Set the pool stages For your rounds into several segments which
consist of one round, two rounds, four rounds, six rounds, four
rounds, two rounds, and one round. Give a rest pause for 15 to 30
seconds in between each segment.
4. Swimming fast Nothing can work better than a quick swim. However,
you do not need to drag along the exercise, do the criss-cross: one
fast lap pool and a relaxing round, two rounds quickly, then the next
two rounds of pool relaxing. You can also divide the workout into four
to six parts with a single quick lap at the end of the segment.
5. A little break Do not spend ten percent of your pool time to rest.
Cut in half the time relaxing until you can just rest for ten seconds
in between each round.