Do you rarely weigh loss? For some women, the scales are one of the few tools at home are covered in dust, because rarely used. In fact, you know, if you're trying to lose weight, you should consider custom entity, you have to do more regularly. Doctors said she fears seeing numbers on the scale as the scale- phobia. Usually women think, "If not sure if my weight goes up, maybe it does not rise." After that you may not weigh the goods within a few days, weeks, even months. Well, if she feels her weight does not rise, they tend to eat anything. That's where the weight can easily soar. "For some people, weigh loss diet can help," said Kelly Brownell, PhD, Director of the Center for Eating and Weight Disorders at Yale Center Agency, USA. "Scales could be a motivation for you. If you intend to lose weight or maintain ideal weight, you may need feedback from these scales," said Brownell. If you consider the body regularly, you can see the changes in body weight when the more easily reduced than 7 kg 1.5 kg. But, it is important also that you are not obsessed with the numbers so that you feel the need to weigh 1-2 times a day. Your weight can fluctuate daily and even hourly. Doctors advice: If you want to lose weight, do body weight once a month. Do it after waking up, naked, and when you're not menstruating. If you maintain a successful weight loss is reduced, weigh your weight once a week. Do not immediately panic if it is your body weight increased less than 2 kg. It was still quite normal, because the body's weight fluctuate at certain moments. but, if body weight increased more than 2 kg, the time for you to undergo a diet program.