Who says your diet should not be snacking? Currently undergoing
weight-loss program as you still can eat snacks in between meals. Even
in the diet of 13 minutes, you are advised to snack every 13 minutes.
But of course you have to forget the fries or potato chips from your
snack list. For a snack that can be eaten only fruit, raw vegetables
and protein sources. Diet 13 minutes was created by Norah Lane,
founder of Vitaline Slimming Clubs. He designed the 14-day diet plan
is to increase the body's metabolism so that it can burn calories
faster. People who undergo the diet is usually only eat at mealtimes
so that the lag time, metabolism of the body does not take place
because there was no supply of food. During that time, will be felt
rumbling stomach. But this diet will not make you hungry. Eat a snack
during the intervals of food supplies to keep your metabolism remains
stable and even increased. According to Lane, this diet can also help
increase fertility. For diasup nutrition is indispensable for the
improvement of fertility. On average, those who undergo this diet can
lose weight 3.5 kilos in two weeks. By eating low-fat snacks on a
regular basis, you can defeat hunger. Raw vegetables you eat as a
snack can mengasup essential nutrients in the form of vitamins and
antioxidants which help boost immunity. You can also eat protein food
ingredient to what makes you feel full longer. For two weeks, you
select menu breakfast, lunch, and dinner following.

- A bowl of whole-grain cereal or
oatmeal with a glass of milk
- Two pieces of wheat bread with a
smear of butter or lettuce and
- One fruit poached eggs and toast
- One banana and one cup of fruit
yogurt without sugar

Serve the soup vegetables, such as
spinach, carrots, tomatoes. Then for
the intake of protein, carbohydrate
and other nutrients, eat:
- Tuna salad, cottage cheese, and
- Sandwiches of two pieces of
wheat bread with tuna, grilled
salmon, egg, and cheese
- Boiled Potatoes with cheese, tuna,
- Slice of lean grilled chicken breast
and steamed broccoli.
- Grilled chicken breast with
mushroom sauce, add asparagus,
sweet corn, and snow peas
- Meat roast with carrots, peas,
broccoli, and sauce. Add a bowl of
fresh fruit slices
- Steak of salmon with lemon sauce.
Serve with steamed vegetables
- Rice with carrots and tomato saute
and dinner from the following list:
- Snacks can you eat raw vegetables
or a salad. Choice of vegetables
such as carrots, celery, cabbage,
asparagus, broccoli, and
- For the intake of protein,
consumption of chicken, meat, fish,
eggs, tofu, and cottage cheese.
- You can add a little sauce,
mayonnaise, or olive oil for flavor
- Do not drink calories during the
diet. Expand water and tea.