Jessica Alba is always occupy a row of Arctic beautiful and sexy. Her body is sleek and taut show concern will exercise and diet. During pregnancy and after childbirth, Fantastic Four star is lost because of the beautiful body shape weight increases. But just two months after giving birth, Jessica began to restore the body shape and look sexy again. Together with her personal trainer,Ramona Braganza, Jessica diligent exercise to lose weight. Braganza implementing diet and exercise are extremely tight. Thanks to the high discipline, Jessica can wear sexy dresses and bikinis again. Want to try diet Jessica Alba? Follow the diet and exercise program!

Keeping your diet Jessica's diet is made is to limit your calorie intake and low carbohydrate diet. Every day she just ate 1700-2000 calories. She avoids red meat, eating only bread or cereal grain, low-fat cheese, and multiply the fruits and vegetables. For breakfast, she ate oatmeal with sliced fresh fruit and scrambled eggs. Lunch menu is the salad greens with a piece of chicken breast or grilled salmon. She also did not leave the dinner. Jessica still doing dinner with a menu or sashimi fish fillet with vegetables. As for snacks, Jessica just eating almonds or walnuts.

Burn calories Jessica always follow the schedule of fitness training for an hour, 5-6 days a week. With a variety of fitness equipment, Jessica practicing until calories burned. She is also doing cardio exercises to strengthen the heart, swim, lift weights, and treadmills. Sports that do burn 550 calories per day. While breast-feeding naturally burns 500 calories per day.