Good news for those who dream of the ideal body. Exotic fruit from South America are named 'Maquiberry' became the latest food trends scraping excess fat and weight. Clinically, the fruit from Chile is proven to reduce weight in an instant. Dr. Manny Alvarez as loaded Fox News called, Maquiberry 12.6 times faster weight loss than the Acai Berry fruit. The fruit is a product weight of the most wanted in the United States. Based on the research the University of Texas, purple fruit is likely to have remarkable properties to reduce weight quickly. The study involved 500 respondents of women and men who want to lose weight 4-18 pounds. They were then divided into groups by using Acaiberry diet and Maquiberry for six months. At the end of the experiment, the researchers found that the respondents succeeded in losing weight higher than 400 percent of respondents who consumed a diet Acai Berry. In a matter of weeks, eating Maquiberry, body weight is reduced to a dozen pounds. Quoted from Aol Heath, Japanese scientists study conducted in late February and also reveal something similar. Maquiberry antocyanin contain the highest, up to 10 times that of other foods. Antocyanin efficacious burn calories and compounds referred to as 'anti- obesity'. For centuries, Maquiberry used as a diet food in their home country, Chile. Bright purple berries only grow in the Patagonian forests of Chile. Maquiberry or also known as Chilean Wine Berry Acai Berry is now replacing that had been used as a fat-burning foods with the highest antocyanin.