Breast women not only have preserved its beauty but also her health. The nutritionist said that nutrition is very important for breast health. There are some foods and drinks are very good for the breast. For that, multiply the following food consumption for the sake of your breast health.

- Vegetables and fruit All women must often consume vegetables and fruits that are yellow, like oranges, bananas, and carrots. The content of vitamins A, E, C and a high antioxidant, may reduce the risk of degenerative disease and breast cancer. Consumption of broccoli and Chinese cabbage also to protect the breast from the tumor or cancer.

- Wheat Oatmeal mixed with legumes such as beans, peas and legumes, contain a very high fiber. Mixture of both serves to stabilize the hormone in women. Consumption of at least one time for your breast health.

- Selenium Consumption of foods also contain selenium. Foods that contain high protein such as nuts, meat and milk. Selenium is very good for the breast because it increases skin elasticity.

- Tea and wine A slightly sweet wine is also good for the breast, but make sure that their consumption is not excessive. In addition, you can also drink green tea and white tea. Nutritionists recommend drinking green tea or white 3 to 5 cups per day, due to very high antioxidant content. Not only good for the breast but also other diseases.