Many people, especially women crave slender body ideal. They were willing to go on a diet like hell to get their body shape coveted. But you need to know, that a diet without the correct programs are very dangerous at high risk could even lead to dangerous diseases. This can occur because dietary patterns produce the stress hormone cortisol levels higher. Based on a study, a diet without good programs can increase your risk of deadly conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The study found that those who control the calorie intake was higher than the stress hormone cortisol is very dangerous for health. The researchers also warned, had a body without any diet will only make people feel better, and keep in mind that diet can actually be damaging their mental health. Many people with psychological stress increased when they were constantly forced to count calories and monitor what they eat. Doctors also have to think twice before giving advice to their patients to a strict diet because of ill health effects can occur in the long term future. "Regardless of success or failure of weight loss, in the long term according to the study showed that the diet increased stress and cortisol, the doctor may need to rethink recommend to their patients to improve health," the researchers said as quoted from page Dailymail