a plate of corn flakes breakfast cereal made from corn before going to school or office has become the habit of some people. The reason for this low-calorie dish of corn flakes at a time provides energy. However, Italian diet experts reject the myth that corn is one of the low-calorie foods. They found that consumption of corn flakes on a regular basis to encourage weight gain. The research team from the University of Florence examine children aged between five to ten years with a diagnosis of early obesity. From the observation of excessive body weight have been found in children who ate corn flakes for breakfast for at least a year every day. Head of research, Luigi Barbaliani, explains that foods made with high quality corn flour is actually healthy. Because of corn to be part of a weight loss diet. However, she added most of the cereal products made from corn in the market cooked using vegetable oil, and contain sugar and additives. Food like that is not healthy because it impairs the functioning of stomach secretions.