New York - For obese people who also had type 2 diabetes can keep the weight and sugar content with low-carb diet. Jorgen Vesti Nielsen and his team of Blekingesjukhuset diabetes clinic, concluded it was in the town of Karlshamn, Sweden. "It is possible once the patient was able to run this diet successfully," said Jorgen Vesti Nielsen told Reuters news agency. Patients who participate in low-carb diet is limited by the amount of carbohydrates consumed only a maximum of 20% of total calories. Jorgen Vesti Nielsen added that the effect is very significant in the low- carb diet is no hunger. He also explained that as a result of the diminishing amount of food consumed, making the body use fat as an energy source which will then reduce the weight of the patient. Also, avoid foods such as bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and cereals as well as limit the amount of only 80-90 grams of carbohydrates per day will minimize the element of glucose for diabetics. Nielsen also added that patients with type 2 diabetes would be better to consume more vegetables, salads, and dry bread. Nielsen and his colleagues have previously reported that 16 obese patients who develop diabetes during the 22 months it can reduce weight and can control blood glucose with a low-carb diet, compared to 15% of patients who have the same problem but consume 55-60% total carbohydrate.

In a Nielsen study recently reported 44 new report in the journal BioMed Central journal Nutrition and Metabolism. "Of the 16 patients, five of them could maintain their weight, do not go up or down and there he lost weight within 22 months," the report said. Even from the patient's glucose levels dropped dramatically after this low-carbohydrate diets.